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Senator Avinash G Singh

Minister of Public Administration Marlene McDonald 

The Honourable Marlene McDonald was first elected to the House of Representatives as the Member for Port-of-Spain South on November 05, 2007, at which time she was appointed Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs. From 2010 to 2015 she served in the Parliament as Opposition Chief Whip. The Honourable Marlene McDonald was re-elected to the House of Representatives of the 11th Parliament on September 07, 2015. She was appointed Minister of Housing and Urban Development, a position she held until March 17, 2016.

On June 30th 2017, she was appointed Minister of Public Utilities, a position she held until July 1st 2017. An experienced parliamentarian, she was appointed to serve as the Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications on March 01, 2018 and elevated to the position of Minister in the Ministry on April 09, 2018 to present. In addition to her Ministerial appointments, Minister McDonald has served on several committees of Parliament including the Public Accounts Committee and the Committee for Finance and Legal Affairs. She is the current Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.