Multilateral Seminars offered by the People's Republic of China 2018

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has invited nominees for Multilateral Seminars for  the year 2017.

The Government of the People’s Republic of China will bear the following cost:

·         International flights, excluding ticket change fees;

·         Board and accommodation

·          Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

·         A  daily allowance of RMB 80.00 (approximately TT$77.36)

·         Medical insurance during the seminars.

Ministries/Agencies will be expected to continue the payment of salary and allowances to the selected nominee and also cover the cost of allowable expenses.


How To Apply


Nominations for the Multilateral Seminars should be submitted to the Ministry of Public Administration  Public Service Academy, via a Ministerial Note, no later than six (6) weeks before the start date of the seminar.

The Note should include the following information:

i. Justification for your nomination;

ii. Benefits of attendance to the Ministry;

iii. Benefits of attendance to Trinidad and Tobago; and

iv. Budgetary allocation to which expenditure will be charged, together with a Statement of Expenditure.

Also required are:

i. The nominee’s Bio-data and contact information (Full Name, Date of Birth, Phone Nos. (Work and Mobile), email address);

ii. A copy of the nominee’s Trinidad and Tobago Passport bio-data page;

iii. Curriculum Vitae.


Nominations should be sent to:

                Permanent Secretary

                Ministry of Public Administration 

                (Public Service Academy) 

                Level 5

                National Library Building

                Corner Hart and Abercromby Streets

                Port of Spain.




Cloud Computing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence under the Belt and Road Initiative 

E-government and IT Application for Developing Countries 

Ministerial Workshop on Industrial and Production Capacity for B&R Countries 

Capacity Building for Outsourcing Services for Developing Countries 

Cross- Border E-Commerce and Trade Promotion for Developing Countries 

Capacity Building for Outsourcing Services for Developing Countries 

China’s Development Experience for Developing Countries 

Electrical Equipment and Technology Development for Developing Countries 

Immunization Planning and Vaccines Cooperation for Officials of Developing Countries 

Officials and Business Leaders of Developing Countries Involved in Telecommunications and IT Industry 

CLOSING DATE: July 25,2018