The Ministry partners with other Government Ministries and Agencies to improve the quality of service to all citizens and enhance the way in which work is done in the Public Service so that we can bring Government services closer to all citizens.

We have responsibility for the Public Service and more specifically, the administration and management of the sector which employs more than 66,000 persons.Our vision is to create a public service that observes the principles of accountability, transparency, fairness, ethics and social responsibility: a public service known for its responsiveness to customers’ needs.

  • Managing service delivery transformation projects including e-Government systems integration
  • Coordinating human resource management policies
  • Directing the modernization programme
  • Providing organizational design services to improve structures and staffing
  • Coordinating sales, acquisition and rental of Government real estate
  • Facilitating training and development of public officers
  • Strengthening public service governance




The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications leads Government Communications by coordinating, monitoring, and guiding policies and standards throughout Government Ministries and agencies and facilitating access to public information for citizens and the media.

The Ministry aims to be an acknowledged leader in the delivery of information and information services that exceed the expectations of stakeholders and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. In doing this, the Ministry will adopt a ‘whole of government’ awareness to support the delivery of a more integrated and effective programme of Government Communications.


The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications also acts as a coordinating and monitoring authority and a Government communications policy centre, with the overarching goal of ensuring transparency and accountability in government activities as a key element of good governance.

The Corporate Communications Division of each Ministry has an important collaborative role in support of the Ministry in addition to its own responsibilities within their respective Ministries.


Government has recognised the importance of diversifying the economy away from its dependence primarily on oil and gas revenue.
Accordingly, ICTs have been selected as a new engine for growth and economic prosperity and to set the foundation for the transformation of Trinidad and Tobago into an information rich, knowledge-based society.

In the furtherance of this mandate, the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications is responsible for the coordination and implementation of National ICT objectives for the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.



The Ministry monitors, reviews and evaluates the policy recommendations from the various ICT - related statutory agencies and state enterprises under the purview of the Ministry, namely:
(a) Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT)
(b)     National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited (iGovTT)

It ensures effective management of general policy objectives through the development, implementation and oversight of plans and programmes in pursuance of the Ministry's goals and objectives in the area of ICT.
The Ministry is also responsible for the management of the Government’s ICT backbone.


The Ministry of Public Administration and COMMUNICATIONs

is committed
to modernisation and renewal initiatives

that improve the capacity and capability of the Public Service to better deliver government services.


The MPAC is responsible for the development and regulation of government policy in Communications and in the ICT Sector.